Watch Koredo Bello Perform At Abeokuta Juvenile Prison With Touching Write-Up

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This is so touching.
Koredo Bello visited the Abeokuta juvenile prison yesterday.

He wrote:

I was privileged to be a part of a charity event that involved going to a Juvenile prison yesterday. I was flooded with so much emotion that I couldn’t even speak.
I thought of the things each of them had done and couldn’t understand why they still had to end up where they were (but one cannot always justify nor know these things) and as the talks went on; my pains began to turn to smiles.
I imagined a pensive night sky I had taken the time to share the moment with but all it had to offer was a dark canopy hiding something; but I still sat and listened to my heartbeat and the gift of silence all around me.
As I got lost in myself I looked up again and saw a star glimpse at me, and then another and yet another and for each of these givings my heart was filled with something more.
That was how I felt when I looked at the kids and saw an awkard nod here, a sigh there and a crooked smile from another, and those became the stars that made all the difference in the night sky of the juvenile prison that finally cleared.
Each of those stars will become much more than they ever thought they would, just because strangers like you and I take the time to leave something in them.
So please share something positive today, a smile, a hug, a nod or just an acknowledgement of another; you never know the fire you may stir up in a tired soul or who’s dark sky you may clear
Have a happy new year guys, bless up!
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Thanks to @caspertainment @koredebello @morayo_mo @toyinxx for making me a part of the initiative and @_iam_no1 @wandecoker__ for the great company
Photo credit ~ @miiickeymouse

Watch the video below:

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